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Our partners in Africa are among Africa's leading luxury safari companies. We offer a variety of exceptional lodges and safaris in Africa's most breathtaking locations. Call for details!


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SEAL Expeditions

SEAL Expeditions, one of the premiere shark diving, safari and adventure tour companies in South Africa. SEAL Expeditions offers adventure tours for the experienced and novice alike. Go Great White Shark cage diving. Cycle alongside Elephants in Botswana. For the ultimate adventure, join us on the Sardine Run every June & July and dive among masses of dolphins, sharks and whales.

Sardine Run: Every year the world's greatest marine migration takes place off the South African Wild Coast. Millions of sardines follow the cold winter currents moving north toward the warm Indian Ocean, bringing with them thousands of predators: dolphins, sharks, whales, seals and marine birds.

2 Oceans Extreme: South Africa has the highest numbers of accessible Great White Sharks and the best adventure diving with big sharks anywhere in the world. South Africa also has some of the best Big 5 Safari Game Reserves in the world. In this ultimate shark diving and safari expedition you will dive and adventure your way across South Africa and the two oceans that surround her. Cage dive with Great White Sharks, scuba dive with Tiger Sharks, Zambezi (Bull) Sharks and Ragged-tooth Sharks and enjoy the unique SEAL Cycle Safari experience . Join SEAL Expeditions for the ultimate shark diving and BIG 5 Safari experience.